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Wash boys track

Washington High School has a men’s and women’s track and field team. Track and field season starts Monday, February 19, in the new gym.

Men’s track and field

Men’s Track Calendar: Mens Track Calendar

Practice expectations

  • Practice starts at 3:05 p.m.—be on time!
  • Be at practice every day since evaluations are made at practice. If you are not there, it is hard to be evaluated.
  • If you have to miss practice let a coach know.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. Show your teammates and coaches the respect you expect to be shown.
  • Come to practice ready to work with a good attitude, no whiners allowed!
  • Only the three school colors, black, and grey are allowed at practice. You are at Washington High School; be proud to wear our colors.
  • We do not compete shirtless so we will not practice shirtless. Always have a t-shirt for practice.

Meet expectations

  • The meet starts with the field events. Anyone competing in a meet should be at the meet location by the start of the field events. The meet is over at the conclusion of the 4×400 relay, no one leaves until we meet at the conclusion of the 4×400.
  • When taking a bus to a meet, be respectful and use appropriate language and volume.
  • When we are at a meet, remember you not only represent yourself, but your family, teammates, coaches, and school. So do not do anything to put any of those groups in a bad light.
  • On meet days you are expected to be in every class. If you decide to skip class, you can be removed from that day’s meet.
  • The only reason we are at the meet is to compete! Compete to the best of your ability and do not distract others from doing the same. If you want to be a distraction, you will not be going to meets.

Other expecations

  • Make sure you are going to all of your classes! Don’t be that guy who hangs out in the hallways instead of going to class.
  • Be on time for class! You have no reason to be tardy, get where you need to when you need to be there.
  • Be respectful to all of your teachers! They are here to help you, make sure you show them the respect they deserve.
  • Stay on top of your grades! Between study hall and Warrior time you have no excuses to get bad grades. Your most important job is to be a good student first!

Women’s track and field

Wash girls track
Wash girls track

Practices will begin at 3:05 in the Old Gym
Head Coach:Will Harte,
Lisa Nicol, Katy Goodmundson, Zach Gillis,

Girls Track Calendar


Washington High School Men’s Track and Field–All Time Records