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Washington High School has two orchestras: string orchestra and symphony orchestra.

Orchestra currently meets every other day for 90 minutes. In previous years, orchestra has met daily for 45 to 50 minutes. Symphony orchestra currently meets every other day during 1st period and 2nd period, and string orchestra meets 5th period.

String orchestra

The Washington High School string orchestra is the prep string ensemble consisting primarily of ninth grade students. Students from the string orchestra are frequently participants in the Iowa junior honors orchestra, the metropolitan festival, Kennedy honors orchestra, all-city music contest, and state solo and ensemble.

Students in the string orchestra frequently participate in all-state, Iowa junior honors orchestra, NEISTA, the metropolitan festival, the Kennedy honor orchestra festival, city contest, and state solo and ensemble contest.

Symphony orchestra

The Washington High School symphony orchestra is the premiere string performing ensemble consisting of students grades 10 through 12. Students in the symphony orchestra give 10 performances per school year. The symphony orchestra will also combine with the band for full symphony in the spring.

Students from the symphony orchestra are frequent participants of the all-state music festival, NEISTA, ISTA, the metropolitan festival, the all-city music contest, and state solo and ensemble Festival. The symphony ensemble performs as both a symphony-string ensemble and combines with wind and percussion players to create a full symphony.

Additional opportunities

Orchestra students are also frequently found performing in Washington’s musicals and other events. These events sometimes change on a year-to-year basis, but have included a chamber orchestra, alternative strings, assemblies, trips, with the jazz band, and with the madrigals vocal ensemble.

Orchestra frequently asked questions

Key Contacts

Andrew Steffen

Orchestra Director