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Wt room award board

We have a vision. All Warrior athletes will work on being great people 1st, great athletes 2nd, and excel in their specific sports as a result of striving to be a high quality person in all phases of their life.

In order to achieve our vision, we expect all our athletes to be top notch in the classroom, top notch as citizens, and dedicated to being the best athlete they can be as part of the warrior nation team.

To achieve our goal of having top notch athletes we ask that all coaches encourage all athletes to participate year round in one of 3 options of speed and strength training.

  1. Enroll in a performance p.e. class. This class is designed for athletes that want to work. This is NOT a general p.e. course! This is for serious athletes and those that want to become one.
  2. Attend our morning training sessions. These sessions are typically at 6:30 am and run until 7:15 am.
  3. As a team, commit to either holding your athletes accountable for options 1 or 2 or committed to bringing your team in to train 2x per week.

we expect all athletes in our performance classes and those that attend our morning sessions to commit to a proper warm up involving ballistic stretching, ladder and dot drill training, and medicine ball training. We also expect all of those athletes to commit to attending 3 plus workouts per week, and testing once per semester in 8 key categories.

Those categories include: Vertical Jump, Pro Agility Test (5, 10, 5), Pull up test, Pacer Test (20 m), 40 yard dash, Hang Clean, Squat and Bench

Our top athletes all time and per testing session will be recognized on our award board and on this page. If you have questions please see Coach Wood, Coach Blue or Coach Hayden.

Wt room award board